Celebrities, brands and charities use auctions to increase awareness for their cause and build a base of support. When the world is watching, the potential rewards are great, but the stakes are high – and that’s why companies turn to Kompolt.

Since 2001, Kompolt has managed over 500 campaigns and raised over $60 million for charities around the world. Our annual Warren Buffet Lunch eBay auction has raised a stunning $19.8 million for the GLIDE – with a winning bid of $3.45 million in 2012, making it the highest-priced single charity item ever sold on eBay!

Kompolt’s eBay Charity Auction Campaigns drive brand awareness, consumer engagement, and cause loyalty by combining the influential power of celebrities and brands.


Kompolt provides a comprehensive auction management service focused on creating successful high-value, high-profile promotional auctions for celebrities, nonprofit organizations, and top brand companies. From the initial conversation until the proceeds are on their way to the charity, clients have a dedicated team lead by an experienced account manager.




Kompolt is the recognized leader in an important niche within the field of cause marketing – online auctions for charitable causes. Kompolt supports its customers by creating and managing high-profile, high-value charity campaigns online.

eBay is the premiere platform for auctions and their eBay for Charity program provides buyers and sellers an easy way to support their favorite charity. Kompolt and eBay have been working together for years, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service and support.


Geri Wilhelm
Vice President Fun fact: Geri designed the logo for the 80s rock band POISON and was a Producer for the Oddworld Inhabitants video games.
Sara Beachler
Account DirectorFun fact: Sara’s celebrity crush is Yoda and she has a mild – who are we kidding…large – obsession with shoes.
Miranda Mayes
Account Director
Fun fact: Miranda is dubbed #OfficialConcertGirl among the company, having attended concerts in the hundreds.
Catrina Hickman
Asst. Account ManagerFun fact: Catrina currently coaches the Cal Poly SLO Women's Lacrosse team. Lacrosse is, hands down, her favorite thing to do.